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School holidays can be family fun time everywhere!

This month we celebrate Father’s Day and Youth Day and it could be Mom’s perfect opportunity to plan a family holiday. Possibly you’re still seeking something for the upcoming school holidays but there are school holidays in September/October again too

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brown nipa hut near swimming pool during daytime

Awesome destinations for a great Easter getaway!

Time is running out for those who are intending to make the most of the end of March holidays and we have some great packages especially designed to fall within this period. What exactly is this period you ask? Well, Our Human Rights Day falls on March 21st and the

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Solo travel – finding the real you!

It’s all the rage and the biggest trend in travel for 2024 – it’s “Solo Travel” and everyone is doing it! Why? Well in this month of romance, some may just be getting tired of wanting to travel but feeling like they can’t do so without a partner because it

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Top View of Boats on Beach

Dynamic destination packages that are a sight for sore eyes!

We are currently writing a series on Rennies Travel’s exclusive packages designed to enhance your sensory experiences when you travel. From the vibrant colours and flavours of local markets to the soothing symphony of ocean waves and the invigorating caress of the mountain air, we help you create sensory-rich travel

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Delicious destinations that tickle the taste buds – and more!

One of the greatest things in our lives, and certainly a major contributor to any great vacation, is food, glorious food! Did you know that Rennies Travel is the only Travel Agency that showcases travel experiences for the senses and you can actually find and choose fabulous holiday packages based

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Burj Al Arab, Saudi

Fly to Dubai for an all-time high!

Rennie Travel’s Lynn Howarth and Yasmeen Khan recently winged their way to Dubai by invitation of Emirates Air and their experience was so amazing that we thought it was worth sharing.

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Choose the best of SA for your dream family holiday!

The October school holiday break is almost upon us and, of course, the December school holidays are just around the corner. That means it’s time to start looking and booking your family getaway before it’s too late and we have some fabulous packages – all available within this amazing country

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Beautiful Bali awaits you this Spring!

No doubt, as we begin to thaw out in the next couple of months many of you will be thinking of taking a flight from Cape Town or Johannesburg for a great holiday getaway to sunny climes and exquisite beach destinations. Well, if you are, you can’t do better than

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Search and you will find cheaper ways to fly!

Airlines and Travel Agencies are inextricably linked as most international, and a good portion of local, travel involves flying. Travel professionals like Rennies Travel need to be abreast of the best possible services that airlines have to offer and wherever possible offer alternative flight options to our clients.

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Rennies re-launches website to create an inspiring experience!

It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s going to assist all our travel customers and partners like nothing we have ever done before. Rennies Travel takes the online interactive travel experience to a whole new level with our relaunched, revamped, and revolutionary website, filled with new features – so let’s take

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The best travel packages for South African travel

When it comes to travel, some of the best packages for tours or travel experiences of any kind are found right here on our home shores. Yes, sunny South Africa, especially in the winter months offers some of the best deals on holiday getaways to be found anywhere and the

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Travel to the UK

With Easter 2023 out of the way, especially for those who never got to make much of a holiday of it, you may now be thinking of a quick getaway from Cape Town to the UK on the long weekend in June – or because of the distance, rather taking

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Can I Travel to Mozambique From South Africa?

This is just one of many questions we will answer in this article and the answer (as Barack Obama would say) is a resounding ‘’yes we can!’’ In fact, Mozambique is rapidly becoming one of the most favoured places in Africa to travel to and explore and South Africans are

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What are Mauritius Package Holidays for 2023?

Easter is soon upon us and there are other public holidays in April too, so it is a month of holiday fun and a great chance for a getaway from Cape Town to exotic foreign lands with the whole family. If you have the hankering to travel with the family

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Visit awesome Africa while the sun still shines

If you happen to have missed that romantic getaway you wanted in this month of love, make sure you’re not too late to make the most of the Easter holidays – which are now just around the corner. If you also happen to be a sun lover, favouring beautiful beaches

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Local is lekker – and affordable – in 2023!

We have recently come out of a bumper local tourism year-end, the best since the subsiding of the pandemic, showing that tourism in South Africa is on its way back to its former glory. It was also good to see so many locals staying within our borders to enjoy the

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Dream destinations at desirable prices for 2023!

Well, we’re on the last lap of 2022 and heading for the finish line! This means most of you will have already made your travel bookings and be winging your way soon to foreign destinations, cruising the oceans or taking to the road to make the most of this fabulous

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Perfect packages to make global getaways possible!

We certainly are living in economically challenging times, but no matter what, we still need our vacations to keep us sane and as the year-end approaches many of us also need to get to family and friends abroad. When we do so we often add a stopover somewhere or tag

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Coast to Coast, sensational S.A offers the best holidays!

Yes, it may seem like we have just gotten back to work, but the holiday season is right on our doorstep again and it is time to start booking for March and Easter getaways before you miss out on some of the great packages available this year. Post pandemic, hospitality

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Romantic getaways in sensuous S.A – and beyond!

We just have to focus on romance right now as Feb, the month of romance and Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. There simply isn’t anywhere better to go either to light the fires of a new passion or rekindle the flame of a romance that needs refreshing than

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