Discover the enchanting beauty of Mozambique, a captivating destination on the coastline of Southern Africa that will leave you breathless. With its fusion of beach, bush, safari and culture, this African gem is a paradise for leisure travellers and adventure seekers alike.

With more than 2500km of shoreline, there are plenty of options to soak up the sun. The most popular spots include the beaches near Xai-Xai, Praia do Tofo, Pemba, and Barra. And, of course, there is the untouched beauty of the Bazaruto Archipelago, where Bazaruto Island and Benguerra Island offer pristine white sandy beaches and world-class scuba diving opportunities. Thrill-seekers can embark on exhilarating activities like dune boarding and 4WD adventures. Catamaran island hopping, golfing, saltwater fly-fishing, sea kayaking, and horseback riding provide endless exploration options.

The warm Indian Ocean coastline is a playground for marine enthusiasts. Witness the mesmerising annual migration of humpback whales, encounter playful dolphins year-round, and explore the diverse marine ecosystem teeming with life. Fishing enthusiasts will delight in pursuing big game catches such as marlin, tuna, and sailfish. Nature lovers can enjoy birdwatching, tranquil dhow trips, and invigorating island walks.

Or immerse yourself in the Gorongosa National Park or visit Quirimbas National Park region, home to 11 coral islands boasting 180 unbleached coral species and 300 reef fish species. Dive into the depths of Neptune’s Arm, a renowned site that attracts divers from around the world.

For an authentic safari experience, visit the expansive Niassa Reserve, larger than South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Immerse yourself in the beauty of baobab trees, palm trees, and a vast protected miombo forest. Rustic safari camps offer game drives, canoeing, and guided walks to explore the wildlife.

The capital city of Maputo beckons with its blend of old and new. Marvel at the architectural wonders set amidst wide avenues adorned with vibrant acácias and fragrant jacaranda trees. Explore the iconic Iron House, a masterpiece designed by Gustave Eiffel. Delve into the city’s rich history and culture by visiting the Museu de Historia Natural, Museu National de Art, and the 19th-century Fortaleza. Experience the local lifestyle at the bustling Mercado Municipal, overflowing with diverse produce, or browse the FEIMA arts and crafts market for unique treasures.

Mozambique invites you to immerse yourself in its intriguing diversity, rich history, and natural wonders, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Time zone: GMT + 2

Currency: The monetary unit is the Mozambican Metical (MZN or MT) divided into 100 centavos. The South African Rand (ZAR) and US Dollars (USD) are widely accepted, and money can be exchanged at many banks and major resorts.

Language: Portuguese is the official language, and more than 60 different dialects of Bantu languages are spoken in Mozambique. English is spoken in hotels and beach lodges.

Transportation: Machibombo (coaches) run between major towns at least daily. Away from main routes, use chapa (converted lorries or minibuses) to get around.

Cuisine: Mozambican cuisine reflects a strong Portuguese colonial heritage and revolves around a rich array of flavours, focussing on fresh seafood, hearty stews, and staple ingredients such as corn porridge, rice, millet, and cassava. Popular meats like steak and chicken are commonly enjoyed and often served alongside beans, cassava chips, potatoes, and coconut.

Safety: Mozambique is considered a safe travel destination, but it is advisable to remain vigilant as incidents of petty crime may occur. Tourists should take the usual precautions and seek advice from locals or those at your place of accommodation regarding general safety in the area. Be aware that Mozambique is a malarial area, and you are strongly advised to take adequate prophylactic precautions.

Tipping: Tipping your lodge or hotel staff is customary, but these tips should not be excessive. In restaurants, it is acceptable practice to tip 10% of the bill if no service charge is added. Taxi drivers don’t expect a tip but do appreciate the fare being rounded up.

Social: Dressing modestly is generally valued, especially in conservative areas and religious sites, where one should cover shoulders and knees. Western-style clothing is widely accepted in urban areas and tourist destinations, but dressing modestly in public areas is still recommended out of cultural respect. Traditional attire is celebrated during cultural events and festivals, showcasing the country’s rich heritage.

What to See

Pack your camera to capture the mesmerising beauty of Mozambique. From the acácia-lined streets in the country’s capital to the sun-kissed beaches and colourful underworld of countless coral reefs teeming with marine life, the cascade of colour is worth capturing on film.

Take in the awe-inspiring sight of the annual humpback whale migration and absorb the fascinating sight of the Dugong, a rare and elusive sea creature that can be seen in the coastal waters of Mozambique, where it is protected.

Shift your gaze to the skies of the miombo woodlands and take in the sight of sought-after bird species such as Olive-headed and Red-headed weavers, Pale Batis, White-breasted Cuckooshrike, Southern Hyliota, Neergaard’s Sunbird and Red-faced Crombec moving through the trees.

What to Taste & Smell

The aroma of Portuguese-inspired ingredients fills the air, enchanting your senses and beckoning you to indulge in the vibrant flavours of Mozambique’s cuisine, which is heavily influenced by Portuguese, African, and Indian flavours.

Immerse your palate in the beloved spicy piri-piri sauce that infuses every dish with a tantalising kick, whether it’s perfectly grilled seafood or succulent steaks.

Discover the magic of Galinha asada, a local favourite with a tasty twist on roast chicken. Succulent and flavourful, each bite transports you to the heart of Mozambican culinary tradition. The rich creaminess of coconut and cashews weave their way through traditional recipes, creating a symphony of tastes and textures that leave an indelible mark on your palate.

The lingering notes of garlic and pepper will continue to dance on your taste buds long after you leave, evoking memories of the country’s enchanting cuisine.

What to Hear

The sounds of Mozambique are diverse and deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage. The sounds of celebration merge with the rhythmic beat of African drums to fill the air during cultural performances and celebrations. And the vibrant guitar rhythm and soulful vocals of the Marrabenta fill the streets daily.

The melodic sounds of local languages spoken in the streets and the vibrant soundscape of street markets filled with vendors calling out their goods will captivate you.

Engage with the locals, shake hands, and experience the warmth and hospitality of Mozambique’s people. Whatever your preference, Mozambique will touch your soul and enrich your travel experience by connecting you to the soul of this captivating destination.


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