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Join our Independent Travel Consultant Programme Dreaming of managing your own travel business? Brave enough to define your future, but needing some support to get you started? Our Independent Travel Consultant programme exposes you to just the kind of help you need. In addition to leading edge technology developed exclusively for ITC’s, we provide a comprehensive general business management and development curriculum, covering areas such as client recruitment, growth and sales strategy. This support equips the aspiring travel consultant to ultimately run their own company.
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Awesome destinations for a great Easter getaway!

Time is running out for those who are intending to make the most of the end of March holidays and we have some great packages especially designed to fall within this period. What exactly is this period you ask? Well, Our Human Rights Day falls on March 21st and the

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Solo travel – finding the real you!

It’s all the rage and the biggest trend in travel for 2024 – it’s “Solo Travel” and everyone is doing it! Why? Well in this month of romance, some may just be getting tired of wanting to travel but feeling like they can’t do so without a partner because it

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