Solo travel – finding the real you!

It’s all the rage and the biggest trend in travel for 2024 – it’s “Solo Travel” and everyone is doing it! Why? Well in this month of romance, some may just be getting tired of wanting to travel but feeling like they can’t do so without a partner because it wouldn’t be safe or any fun.

Well, thanks to great group tours and specific packages arranged to give solo travellers whatever their heart desires, in a safe environment, and the chance to meet others, many are now happy to venture out on their own.

Not just for singles

It’s not just about singles meeting others either. So many peoples’ travel aspirations differ from their partners but have not felt comfortable going it alone. Now however, they can, safely and in the company of like-minded travellers who enjoy the same experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Take separate vacations this year and do what you really want to do – after all solo travel is all about finding the real you!

Something for everyone

Whether you want to have a fun group experience or visit a remote spot where your guides are discreet and give you your space, there’s a solo travel package or tour just waiting for you.

Explore ancient ruins, take in the breathtaking scenery, meditate in the bush, lounge on a beach on a tropical island or shop ‘till you drop in magical markets or high-class malls – there’s something for everyone and you can do it by yourself, or in the company of others – you can choose.

6 great solo travel tips

Here are half a dozen useful Solo Travel tips from Rennies Travel, the international travel experts who can take you anywhere you wish to go, however you want to do it …

  1. Pack wisely – and for the destination - Get travel tips from us regarding weather conditions where you’re going and pack smart for where and when. Pack sensibly, remembering not everything has to come from home – enjoy the shopping where you’re going.Ensure you have the right visas and have packed all the documentation that you’ll need but the most important thing to remember is to be open to adventure and flexible – that’s the best way to maximise the solo travel experience!
  1. Get connected! – Part of the fun is meeting up with new people, and if you are single who knows who you could meet? Even if you’re not, make the most of the comradery, sharing travel stories and likes – and the great local activities for those who want to have fun.
  2. Enjoy the solitude –At the same time remember if you want alone time to just find yourself, you don’t need to stick to any rigid itineraries. Solo travel tours just aren’t designed like that so you’ll always have the freedom to choose social time or time just for you.
  3. Embrace the available technology – Why lose out on exploring all the possible options available by ignoring the great travel apps that are available? These include navigation, language translations, and recommendations of local highlights.These also help you to be safely connected with those at home, but remember that your vacation is not about phone time – it’s about alone time and filling all your senses with the wonderful sights, sounds, tastes and smells of a solo travel experience.
  1. Try new things -One of the best things about Solo Travel is that it frees you to explore things that your partner may not have wanted to in the past. Try new experiences, taste new cuisines, be adventurous and spontaneous – it can be a life-changing experience where you discover the real you – enjoy it and embrace it!
  2. Partner with travel professionals - Rennies Travel, one of the pioneers of solo travel experiences, are passionate about ensuring that every solo travel experience exactly fulfils your personal specifications. Don’t go blindly surfing the web without the kind of advice we can give you and the seamless, safe solo travel adventure we can offer you.

Talk to us today about everything from our destinations and recommendations for tours and packages, to travel insurance and the required travel documentation. Our expert advisors are waiting to guide you every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a solo travel experience today – and find the real you!


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