A great Travel Agency can enhance your travel experience!

In this day and age of technology, with so many people doing things for themselves online, there are some areas where, although help is available there, online simply cannot replace the human element when it comes to getting real advice and satisfaction.

One such area undoubtedly, is travel - where technology has played a significant role in enabling online support but the role of the Travel Advisor at your Travel Agency should never be discounted - especially now in 2023, when we are facing so much uncertainty with travel to many parts of the world.

Certainly, when it comes to looking for flights for your next getaway, you have the convenience of things like the Rennies Flight Finder and to check out great packages that offer specials and the best deals at the time, you will get a lot of that kind of information online.

When it comes right down to planning the perfect holiday with the destinations, accommodations, experiences and tours that perfectly fit into your schedule and budget and ensuring that you are booking the best and fully accredited deals – and having someone to hold your hand through any unexpected surprises, a great Travel Agency can enhance your travel experience!

Why book with a Travel Agent?

We get the best available rates – From the moment you start to plan your next 2023 getaway or holiday include your Travel Agent, as whatever you can source online, they know about and then some more. They can always get the best available rates on flights, accommodation, packages and tours.

We give the best advice on all travel aspects – Advice is a precious commodity when it comes to travel – especially if you’re travelling internationally. Something as small as not knowing that you need a transit visa when travelling to Ireland via England, even if going direct, can have you stranded at the airport. Don’t take chances – use professionals to get professional advice.

We offer less stress and more convenience – Take it from us, travel can be stressful, even trying to put together an itinerary that keeps everyone happy. With a good Travel Agent, you have the convenience and peace of mind of knowing that someone who knows what they are doing is double-checking everything for you.

We give 24-hour assistance - in case of travel emergencies – Talking of peace of mind, if you do have an issue like a flight cancellation or delay, or some sort of unexpected weather or politically related issue that derails your original plans you’ll be really glad to have a Travel Agent in your corner. We always know about the best alternatives available at the time.

We protect you - by using only trusted suppliers – The number of times that people have been caught by travel scams should have warned you that it is better to use reputable Travel Agencies who in turn, only use tried and tested suppliers. This alone could save you a lot of wasted money!

From the horse’s mouth

The great advantages of working with a Travel Advisor in a good Travel Agency can best be expressed in the words of one of our best travel professionals Nonhlanhla Kwenaite, Leisure Travel Manager at Rennies BCD Travel South Africa…

“Customer excellence is our primary focus! We are, therefore, committed to offering our customers the best service at all times. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless travel experience from the time of booking and throughout the travel experience” enthuses Nonhlanhla, someone clearly committed to service excellence.

“Our travel experts have a wealth of experience and are readily available to assist and offer expert travel advice”. She continues, “and we will assist with your travel arrangements from start to finish, offering you different options to choose from. We have negotiated rates, which ensures that we offer you the best deal available and we book only with our trusted suppliers”. She concludes by adding, “We are also available for all your extra travel needs - visa, travel insurance and after-hour assistance in case of an emergency”.

Get service excellence from the experts with experience!

Before you plan that next holiday, book your next flights or decide on that great package deal remember that you simply cannot beat the advice and experience that a steadfast Travel Agency like Rennies Travel has amassed over so many years as a highly reputable global company.

We have our fingers on the pulse of the best of everything available from reliable sources - in every part of the world. All you need to do is contact us to let our great Travel Agency enhance your next travel experience!


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