Search and you will find cheaper ways to fly!

Airlines and Travel Agencies are inextricably linked as most international, and a good portion of local, travel involves flying. Travel professionals like Rennies Travel need to be abreast of the best possible services that airlines have to offer and wherever possible offer alternative flight options to our clients.

This has become even more important post-COVID as airline flights have increased quite dramatically and it is said that even the cheaper flights are at least 20% more than back in 2019. It was quite a while ago that Rennies Travel launched our Flight Finder service and we felt it could be helpful to our clients to point out some of the benefits of using this and also to give some advice on some other ways that you could save on flights.

Research has been done on the best times to fly and savings can be made if you are prepared to do a little searching and pre-planning of your own. It is about choosing the right times and being flexible but most importantly about where to look – so search and you will find cheaper ways to fly!

Plan ahead 

One of the greatest ways to save on airfares is to think and plan ahead. You will often find that in the interests of ensuring that future flights will be fully booked airlines advertise cheaper advance rates and this is a good time to ‘seize the day’ and make the commitment to fly at that time! The Travel experts know that as far ahead as possible is always the best time to book, so take advantage of this.

Be Flexible with Dates and Destinations

The key to obtaining the best deal when it comes to flight is flexibility. Try to fly on the cheaper days which are generally midweek and at times that don’t fit in with business travel times. Research in the USA shows that flights that take off Monday to Wednesday are on average 12% to 20% cheaper than weekend flights. Avoid Sundays in particular as this is the busiest day.

Also, be seasonally flexible if you can. January and February are known as cheaper times to fly, but throughout the year try to pick the times between the bigger seasonal occasions like special holidays and school holidays.

Consider stopovers and alternative Airports

Remember that stopovers can also save you a lot on flights. Don’t be too rigid about taking only direct flights to save time. Maybe as a business traveller, you can do a little 'bleisure' travel on your way to a business meeting, enjoying a little leisure time in a stop-over destination, or if you are vacationing plan a little extra time to get there – it could be a big saving! Also, think about flying to different airports if that will save money on the flight. Once again - It is all about flexibility.

Use your miles – and our packages!

Check your credit card for whatever available frequent flyer miles you may have available and ensure that you utilise these within the expiry dates – and watch this space and our website where we advertise our great vacation package deals, some of which include cheaper airfares as part of the package.

Utilise Flight Comparison Sites – Especially Flight Finder!

Most importantly utilise flight comparison sites and remember that one of the best of these, giving you great flexibility of dates and options is the Rennies Travel Flight finder. It tells you all the airlines available to travel to your destination of choice, the best prices and the cheapest times to fly.

All these tools are designed to make our clients’ lives easier and every trip a seamless and pleasurable one. We encourage you to not only search and find cheaper ways to fly, but to speak to our Travel Advisors to discover better and cheaper ways to enjoy every aspect of the travel experience!


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