Rennies re-launches website to create an inspiring experience!

It's new, it’s exciting and it’s going to assist all our travel customers and partners like nothing we have ever done before. Rennies Travel takes the online interactive travel experience to a whole new level with our relaunched, revamped, and revolutionary website, filled with new features – so let’s take a quick tour and whet your appetite for what’s to come!...

Easy navigation 

The home page boldly and colourfully displays our latest and best packages with beautiful images and useful descriptions of what they offer, entail and include. The entire site is clearly divided into categories and sub-categories making it simple to navigate and everything you are looking for so easy to find.

Dedicated destination pages 

For the first time, we have a “Destinations” section inviting you to choose the destination of your choice and then explore everything about it in our beautifully illustrated and laid out pages.

There is not only a vivid description of all that you can expect to see and experience but plenty of practical travel advice too including currency, tipping, transport language etc – and additional sections on when to travel and Visa information.

It's all you need to know to make an informed choice of your next travel destination and a unique feature is that we even advise on where to go and what to do to stimulate your senses - which brings us to…

A Fabulous five senses focus!

Our unique “Travel inspiration” feature, available only on the Rennies Travel website, entices you to explore travel from the aspect of enhancing the five senses. After all, it is the stimulation of the senses that makes every travel experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

In every destination, package and experience these senses are included and vividly described. So what does this mean and how does it relate to the travel experience?

Sight – every travel experience carries with it an element of the beauty and wonder of how we see things, whether they are scenic, architectural or something right in front of us like a magnificently presented culinary delight!

Smell – A street market cooking aroma or 5-star cuisine – a beautiful garden or flower show – or the sweet smell of an ocean breeze – inhale to enjoy!

Sound – Events, listening to live music, and enjoying nature sounds such as bird songs or ocean waves these are the sounds that delight our ears and make magnificent memories!

Taste – What is a travel experience without the magic of memorable tastes? The unique flavours and spices in a destination's cuisine. Wine tastings, cocktails and long cold drinks on the beach – All engage the sense of taste.

Touch – from a spa massage to the feel of the rock face as you climb and mountain – what you touch and how you are touched is etched forever in your memories of your travel experience.

Pinpoint the package on the globe 

A great new feature is our “Explore our packages map” which is an interactive map of the world showcasing live packages and with a nostalgic touch, it comes as a pin on the world map. It gives a clear indication of where our packages plus pricing and additional info. It’s unique and different and like everything else on the site – it is helpful and useful!

A fully Mobile and a totally informative experience 

Remember that whatever you experience on the web is also on your phone and the new Rennies website is fully mobile and global, available anywhere, anytime. Our handy FAQ section, after-hours contact info, Business Travel advice and constantly updated news desk with great travel articles all keep you constantly informed and in contact!

Fabulous Flight Finder 

Our already famous Flight Finder is not new but now even more detailed and focussed and an invaluable tool for those needing to search and book flights directly. In addition to its powerful search capabilities, Rennies Travel Experience Flight Finder also provides users with helpful information about their selected flights, including baggage allowances, flight duration, and layover information.

Subscribe and win 

Subscribe to our newsletter before the end of June to get great fresh information on the best in available travel packages and you can also win a R2,000 Rennies travel voucher. Wow – that’s a win – just like the new Rennies Travel website – so check it out today!


R 41,286
5* Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa
Experience luxury and tranquility at the 5* Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa. Enjoy stunning ocean views, world-class amenities, and unforgettable adventures in paradise.
R 50,358
5* Constance Prince Maurice
Experience unparalleled luxury at the 5* Constance Prince Maurice, Mauritius. Enjoy exquisite dining, world-class service, and serene beaches for an unforgettable getaway.
R 4,666
4* aha Alpine Heath Resort
Discover Aha Alpine Heath Resort in Drakensberg: luxury chalets, outdoor adventures, family fun, gourmet dining, and rich cultural experiences in a stunning mountain setting.
R 15,475
MotoGP Valencia - November 2024
Experience the thrill of MotoGP Valencia with a 3-night stay, breakfast, and a 3-Day ticket. Explore vibrant Valencia and enjoy high-speed racing excitement! Book now!
R 70,270
Wimbledon Ladies Semi-Final July 2024
Experience Wimbledon with a 3-night stay, breakfast, Centre Court ticket, and London travel card. Enjoy world-class tennis and explore London's iconic sights!
Enquire Now
2024 UEFA Champions League Final
Explore three London hotels for the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final, ranging from budget to luxury, all offering unique experiences and amenities.