Less leave – more vacation time – plan your 2024 holiday now!

Less leave - more vacation time - plan your 2024 holiday now!

South Africa is said to have one of the most generous public holiday calendars in the world and actually, if you plan your leave very carefully, you can get a huge amount of leave-time in 2024. Just 17 days of leave, taking weekends into account can get you 44 glorious days of vacation time, so we thought you may want to know how this works in order for you to start planning.

We also thought you may want to have some ideas of the best vacation places right here in this glorious country of ours that you can enjoy when you get all this great extra time, so stay with us and get maximum vacation time to enjoy SA’s holiday hotspots in 2024!

What are the best holiday hacks?

There are four specific periods when a few well-planned leave days can give you plenty of vacation time. These are…

Human Rights Day to Easter - If you take just five days leave from Human Rights Day in March 2024, including weekends, you’ll get twelve fabulous vacation daystaking you right through to the end of Easter.

What a perfect time to bundle the whole family in the car and take one of the best road trips in the world! Yes, the renowned Garden Route from Mossel Bay to Storms River gives you the best chance to see and do so much as you just cruise from one place to another.

Spend a few days in fabulous Knysna, famous for its lagoon and oysters and of course within close proximity to the highest bungee jump in the world and the Tsitsikamma forest where there’s hiking, zip-lining and much more. Move on to spend a few days in Plettenberg Bay and enjoy the social scene, surfing and idyllic days on the beach.

Workers Day getaway - Workers Day in May 2024 fortunately falls on a Wednesday so if you take the remaining four days that week and include weekends you score nine whole vacation days to head for the vibes and the beaches in Kwa-Zulu Natal!

This is the best place to be in winter in South Africa as it is still nice and warm and a favourite getaway for locals and international tourists alike. There’s family fun galore in theme parks and the aquarium in Durban. Ride a Ricksha and cruise to the up-market North Coast where Umhlanga Rocks and Beacon Bay wait to welcome you.

Or head south along the fabulous South Coast where seaside towns from bustling Margate to sleepy Leisure Bay give you everything from city life and water sports to chilled peace and quiet.

A Heritage Day bush break – With Heritage Day falling on a Tuesday in spring 2024 take just one day of leave to get four days to escape for a fabulous little bush break. It’s the very best time to be in the bush as new life is formed and the weather is perfect.

A year-end vacation to the fairest Cape -  From the Day of Reconciliation on Dec 16th to the end of the year you need to take only seven leave days to get a whopping nineteen-day break!

What a great time to get to the fairest Cape of them all – the fabulous Western Cape, where the Mother City, overlooked by majestic Table Mountain, wait to welcome you. You’ll need every moment of that time to enjoy everything from beautiful beaches with sublime sunsets to vibrant city life, to hiking trails galore and chilled champagne and wine in the world-renowned Cape Winelands.

Rennies Travel takes you there!

So, start planning your 17 days of leave to get maximum vacation time to enjoy SA’s holiday hotspots in 2024 and Rennies Travel will do all the rest. We can get you all the best flights, accommodations, deals and packages to ensure that you maximise your value and handle everything for you to ensure you minimise your time.

Let us take the hassle out of planning your vacation, whatever your specific needs may be, at any time of the year, and anywhere in the globe. Talk to us and find out about why our many years of experience make your travel experiences special!


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