What are the best travel packages from South Africa?

It’s that fabulous time of year again – Easter 2023 is upon us and later in the month we have that spell between Freedom Day and Worker’s Day so that means plenty of time for great family holidays, both here in South Africa and abroad. It’s time to look for bargain deals and specials, book a flight, and wing your way to a great getaway from the madness to just chill for a while.

Those wishing to go to foreign lands in these school holidays or around the public holiday, long weekends are advised to book soon, as this is a popular holiday time all over the world. At this time of the year especially, because foreign travel could be to warm or colder climates, South Africans have a few frequently asked questions and in this article, we hope to answer some of them and tell you about some excellent holiday packages and special deals available right now.

What are the best travel packages from South Africa?

This question depends on where you want to go as we at Rennies Travel always have many great travel packages available in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres…

Southern hemisphere 

If you want to stick close to home a couple of very popular and well-priced packages are Blue Bay Beach Resort in Zanzibar and David Livingston Safari Lodge in Zambia. Blue Bay is ideally located on a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach and has a truly exotic feel. Lush and colourful gardens, home to more than 1000 palm trees, slope down to the beach and sea and there are loads of tours and excursions available to help you explore this unique island. The Package is R21 955 per person sharing and all-inclusive – with terms.

David Livingston Safari Lodge is a graceful safari-style lodge only a few steps away from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World - the magnificent Victoria Falls. Sweeping Zambezi River and savannah views stretch from every veranda as you relax in elegance on your family holiday in this timeless place. The package is from R15 855 and all-inclusive with terms.

Northern hemisphere 

Five nights in Paris await you on this fabulous special. Paris is the capital of gastronomy, fashion and shopping - a city where something is always happening and has everything you can imagine. Enjoy a 360° view from the upper deck of the open-top bus and hop on and off freely to visit this iconic city at your own pace. No flights on this one but only R5791 per person sharing gets your bed and breakfast for 5 nights in a centrally located 3 Star hotel, plus your bus pass.

For something refreshingly different, do an Art Cities of Italy tour for just R14,051 (not including airfares) covering the magnificent cultural centres of Rome, Florence and Venice where you visit their most important monuments, squares, fountains, and museums. This is a bucket list tour for those who love the arts and the history of this unforgettable country.

Are travel packages worth it?

When you look at the prices shown here and compare similar experiences without our package specials you will be amazed at how cost-effective these packages, some of them once-offs, are. Rennies Travel has access to the best family getaway deals from all over the globe and we only advertise those that are truly good value. This is why there are always limitations on their availability.

Do travel packages include flights? 

As you can see from the above information some packages do include flights and some don’t. Feel free to contact us to ascertain exactly what is available as a part of every package. Also, remember that Rennies Travel has a very user-friendly “Flight Finder”  which gives you the best available flights to every holiday destination that we list.

What do I pack when travelling abroad?

In conclusion, just a couple of tips regarding what to pack. Clothing wise, the Southern hemisphere for the most part is still warm, but autumn is approaching so ensure you have something warm in the bag. The Northern hemisphere is still cold in most places but approaching Spring so have something cool to wear with you too. A good rule for all travel is to ensure you pack in a universal plug connector and a great camera too!

If in doubt, simply contact the travel experts at Rennies Travel and we will ensure that you will know what the best travel packages from South Africa are at all times – and that your travel experience is seamless and unforgettable. Happy Easter and Bon voyage!


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