Can I Travel to Mozambique From South Africa?

This is just one of many questions we will answer in this article and the answer (as Barack Obama would say) is a resounding ‘’yes we can!’’ In fact, Mozambique is rapidly becoming one of the most favoured places in Africa to travel to and explore and South Africans are most welcome there. Famous for exquisite beaches and to-die-for resorts, not to mention its famous seafood, it is certainly worth more than just a short visit!

Perhaps the best way to give you a travel guide to Mozambique (be it a somewhat abridged one) would be to answer some of your most frequently asked questions and in that way, we’ll try to whet your appetite to spending your holiday on the June long weekend, or in the July school holidays, there. Remember these are just around the corner so planning and booking now is essential.

Why visit Mozambique?

The first and most obvious question is why visit there at all? There are so many great international destinations one can travel to, but this amazing place has a magic all of its own and like so many other African countries, once war-torn and desolate, it is today a vibrant but unspoilt tourist destination.

Mozambique is situated on the East coast of Africa and therefore enjoys the warm currents of the Indian Ocean making it a great place to take a beach, diving, or water sports vacation and offering something for the whole family.

The beaches in Mozambique are vast and largely unspoilt, and beckon you to take long walks just soaking up the ambience of this place of great beauty and tranquillity. You can savour the vibrance of the city and the culture but Mozambique is generally favoured as a destination to simply get away from it all!

Remember, it is a tropical country too, so the weather is pretty good all year round with daily winter temperatures in June and July averaging in lower to mid-20s °C but with far higher temperatures occurring between October and February

Is it safe to travel to Mozambique?

Yes, it is generally safe and very safe in remote resort areas. Only in the capital of Maputo, where many people start their Mozambique experience should caution be exercised. As with most cities, it is best not to openly display jewellery and stick to the beaten paths.

What is required to travel to Mozambique?

South Africans require just a valid passport and 2 blank passport pages to travel to Mozambique. Both Mozambicans and South Africans are not required to apply for visas to stay in each other's country providing the stay is less than 30 days. Non-South African citizens do require visas when travelling to Mozambique.

Can I fly to Mozambique? 

Yes, you absolutely can and as our Rennies Flight finder tells you LAM Mozambique Airlines has several direct flights a week ranging from less than R5,500. Of course, you can drive there too, but that is not advised unless you are going for a while and remember that some resorts are so remote that they can only be reached by 4x4. This is part of the magic of this unspoilt place.

What are good Resorts in Mozambique?

There are several good resorts in magnificent Mozambique, some of which are quite exceptional. There are far too many to detail them all here but three that Rennies Travel has great deals on right now are the 2 idyllic beach resorts of Ossimba beach lodge and Massinga beach resort – and a fantastic fishing resort, the Rio Azul, situated on a pristine estuary on the banks of the Govuro River. (See below for details)

What currency is used?

The currency in Mozambique is the Mozambique Metical. Though the South African Rand and USD are usually welcomed everywhere as well. It’s advisable to always carry cash on you though as credit cards have not really caught on yet.

Self-drive and other packages to Mozambique 

There are many self-drive and resort packages available in Mozambique throughout most of the year and Rennies Travel will be only too happy to point you to whatever Mozambique holiday packages are available now or whenever you are ready to go there.

Rennies takes you there!

If you would like a great getaway to fabulous Mozambique from Cape Town or any of our other SA destinations in 2023, then don’t hesitate to talk to us about the great specials and packages we have available in Mozambique.

Enlist the help of our excellent Travel Advisors to look for the best deals and to book your flight to one of the best holiday destinations you will ever experience. Sunny skies, warm smiling faces, beautiful beaches and top-notch resorts await you - so can South Africans travel to Mozambique? – Well now you know!


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