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Take your experience destination vacation to the limits in the next holiday season

If you have been following our articles you will, by now, be well aware that we are all about matching up people’s favourite sports or pastimes with great destinations so that they can indulge in their activity and combine it with a great vacation. These are what we call “Experience destinations”.

Due to the travel restrictions, we have up until now been focussing only on local destinations and current vacation packages. As our vaccinations are being rolled out rapidly now and some overseas countries are already fully vaccinated and welcoming visitors again, we figure that there’s a pretty good possibility that you may get to take your experience destination vacation to the limits in the next holiday season.

Yes, it is already time to start looking into and booking for the December/Jan holidays as when things open up again, we believe there will be quite a rush of people looking to take advantage of some of the great packages being offered now. 

So, let’s look at just a couple of our favourite activities and where we could go globally, in neighbouring territories and at home sweet home, depending on what your preferences of travel by year-end will be.

Cycling in France, Africa and Cape Town

Imagine taking a cycling tour of France, home to the “Tour de France” possibly the best known and most coveted cycling achievement. Well, cycling for professionals or even at an amateur level, just to take in the sights, is catered for here and you can vacation in the world’s most romantic city too – gay Paris!

Then for the extreme cyclist, come January you may decide to indulge in the “Tour D’Afrique” a gruelling 11,000-kilometre race covering 10 African countries over 86 days. There are however plenty of rest days and before or after the event you can indulge in great African vacations all over the continent!

Those who prefer to stick closer to home know that Cape Town just can’t be beaten for great cycling races like the “Cape Argus” and the “Epic”, and casual cycling experiences all over the fairest cape of them all. What a great place to vacation too – with Winelands, pristine beaches and Table Mountain, being just a few of the numerous attractions.

Hiking in the USA, Kenya and The Drakensberg

All over the USA, there are spectacular hikes, some for the real extreme hikers and of course many for casual family hikers too. “The Old Rag” at Shenandoah National Park and “South Maroon Peak” at Maroon Bells Colorado are just a couple of the most famous, and needless to say there are hundreds of fantastic vacation resorts wherever you decide to go hiking in the USA.

Closer to home is Mount Kenya in Kenya, more famous for the very challenging Kilimanjaro adventure. A beautiful and more attainable hike is “Chogoria” from the Gorges valley to incredible views and waterfalls at Point Lenan, the closest you can get to the summit with non-technical skills. It is also a beautiful country to visit and take a great vacation.  

Finally, you simply can’t go wrong with the incredible hikes of all levels of difficulty, or just casual family strolls that you can enjoy in the splendid Drakensberg mountains right here in South Africa. Luxurious, cosy resorts with all manner of activities also make it a perfect place for a year-end family holiday!

Rennies Travel will take you there 

Now more than ever you need the expert Travel Advisors at Rennies Travel to guide you through all the right protocols for your travels and as always, we have the very best packages available – or custom-made travel packages to suit your personal desires. See some of the best packages available relating to the places we mentioned here below.

Watch this space for more international, African and South African experience destinations in our next article and contact us today to ensure that you’ll be taking your experience destination vacation to the limits in the next holiday season! 

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