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Summer’s here, we’re free to fly and romance is around the corner!

As we go into 2022 it’s great to be alive, isn’t it? Yes, some of you will have finished your holidays and already be back to the grindstone, but for many planning their next holiday is what keeps them pumped, and why not? The travel bans have been lifted and so we are free to fly to exotic lands once again, to go and experience a magical world of ice skating and snow skiing – or for those who would rather stay where it’s warm here in good old S.A the sun is shining and the beaches are beckoning. 

To cap it all, the month of romance is just around the corner and for those who are planning to escape to some exotic resort for a romantic liaison or cosy up in a bush boma under the stars, sipping champagne just before you pop the question, it’s time to explore your options right now and let us start making your arrangements. So, where can we go with all these options that lie ahead of us – let’s find out… 

Fly to faraway places – Ski on the slopes or cruise on the love boat…

Literally take your senses to new heights as you experience some of the best snow skiing in Sweden, Norway or Switzerland – or if you are adventurous and haven’t had enough of Christmas you can head far north to hunt the northern lights. If being a lot more chilled is your thing (and we’re not referring to the weather) take a magnificent Swiss Cruise…

Travel to the island of Mainau, an island of extreme natural beauty. We also take you to the Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall, and hop aboard the Glacier Express, which will take you through some of the most beautiful regions of the Alps on a scenic train ride. This is an incredibly romantic experience and one that will start your new life together with truly memorable moments!

The water is fine and so is the wine in good old S.A! 

For those who would much rather soak up the sun and continue to support local tourism (and right now we need all the help we can get) why not hit the best sunspots around? Kwa Zulu Natal offers spectacular beach resorts in Durban and all along its extended Southern and Northern coastlines. For those who like to go deep, head for spectacular Sodwana Bay where the diving is amongst the best in the world!

Cape Town too, has spectacular beaches adorning both the Indian and Atlantic coastlines so you can choose your made to order bathing temperature on beaches filled with activity, extreme sports or far from the maddening crowds! Whilst in the Cape, the wine and culinary experiences that will tickle your taste buds, both in the Mother City and the gourmet capital of S.A, Franschhoek, are simply not to be missed!

Everywhere that romance fills the air

Remember that booking for romantic getaways in February, especially if on Valentine’s day, need to be made right now, so where are the most romantic getaways? 

Well, a pristine isolated tropical island like the magnificent Maldives is a great start. Feel the cool, spectacularly blue waters that you can walk into forever and be mesmerised by colour with stunning snorkelling that reveals tropical fish in abundance – the beaches are a delight. We have three excellent packages in the Maldives right now and whichever you choose the accommodations are superb, the cuisine sublime and the atmosphere on the island simply reeks of hopeless romance. 

Back in S.A, we know only too well that there is simply nothing more romantic than a bush break in a great game reserve lodge, where every whim is catered for between cosy jeep rides and boma fires. The options are numerous too, so talk to a Rennies Travel Advisor about the best ones and some great packages that are available right now. 

Let us help

On our website, you can find and make use of our fabulous “Flight Finder” and see how easy we’ve made it to compare and book flights, but if you’d like to make planning your trip even easier, talk to us to see how we can help with every aspect of your travel plans.

On everything mentioned here and all the packages below we can give you expert advice and ensure you always have safe, compliant, seamless travel experiences backed by our many years of experience in the travel industry. Summer’s here, we’re free to fly and romance is around the corner – so what are you waiting for?

Cruise in Switzerland
4 Nights
From €1 225
Little Switzerland
2 Nights
From R1 315