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Fynbos Tasting Experience
Cape Town

The Cape Town Fynbos Experience is an initiative to promote botanical heritage through uniquely South African experiences and products.  Guests will enjoy a holistic taste experience around fynbos (ancient botanicals indigenous to the southern tip of the African continent) and will have even the most picky eater glugging down buchu or snow bush tea while munching on sour fig and spekboom.  This laboratory-style fynbos experience is a visual feast for the senses, beautifully presented into an interactive and informative tasting session.  Here you will be guided through a tasting of eight fynbos botanicals, starting in their most essential form as a herbal-tea infusion, then sweet cordials, progressing to aromatic vinaigrettes along with edible naturals and seasoning salts, culminating in soothing digestives accompanied by sweet treats.

Additional Information

Visitor’s Centre, Company Gardens.  Tasting experiences are by appointment and based on a minimum of 4 adults.


Approximately 2 hours

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