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Cape Town Eats
Cape Town

So much about a country and a culture is expressed through its cuisine. In South Africa much of the cuisine is a home cuisine and to get a taste you really need to search hard. As such this tour aims to combine the history of this country and city through exploring the back streets to find the tastes that represents all of the rainbow nation. Today you will walk the streets of Cape Town and experience its history, its people and its culinary delights. En-route you will stop to taste a mixture of traditional food, South African street food and to visit some artisanal foodie and coffee shops.

During the walk we will also taste some of the following items: African Soul food: pap, samp & beans, a meat stew and vetkoek; Falooda – a traditional Muslim Rose Milkshake; a gourmet bunny chow to get a little taste of Indian Cuisine; coffee from one of the micro artisan coffee roasters in the city; bobotie pies – this is a modern take on the traditional Bobotie dish which both the Cape Malay group and white Afrikaner group refer to as their traditional dish.

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