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Head for the sunshine and save on sensational summer deals!

Well without a doubt winter is knocking on the door and in the month of May we start to feel the winter pinch. Sure, we can get out our heaters and duvets and curl up on the couch – or we can remember the long months we have spent holed up in our own homes and decide we are not going to take it anymore!

It’s time to break the ice, spread our wings, defy the start of our winter and head for warmer destinations. It’s time to go where we can feel our toes curl with pleasure as our feet remain planted in the sand and the waves lap to the shore beckoning us to “come on in” for another glorious swim. Yes, it’s time to head for the sunshine and save on sensational summer deals – and we have a few that will get your pulses racing again, so check them out…

Mykonos & Santorini Island Escape 2022

It is hard to describe the magic that is the Greek islands when you are sitting in your drab little winter lounge struggling to keep warm. Two destinations are hot in both sense of the word and in fact, they have been described by the converted as the two hottest destinations in the world right now – they are Mykonos and Santorini, and when you embark on this glorious Greek Island escape you’ll soon begin to understand why. 

Your heart leaps in your chest as you take in its sheer beauty. It is a skyline of endless, sparkling blue ocean and pristine, pure white buildings. With its ancient sights, azure waters, plate smashing, feet tapping party nights and oh so lazy sun-soaked days, if there was ever a picture of paradise, this is it.

Arrive in iconic Athens, steeped in history before experiencing the intense satisfaction of these idyllic islands for what might just be the best week of your life. Swimming, sand, sunshine, and sumptuous Greek cuisine all await you – so stop freezing and start living! 

Thai Island Hopper West 2022

With our eyes still firmly set on islands why not hop over to exotic, exquisite Thailand and experience the Thai Island Hopper West package for 2022. It’s a package that includes everything the heart desires, like feeling the cool breeze caress your skin as you soak in the sun, savouring the flavours of exotic Thai cuisine and finding romance around every corner on this sensuous island experience.  

If you have ever dreamt of limestone islands, and you’ve lusted after authentic Thai food then you’re ready for the real deal – yes, this is what paradise truly feels like. On this voyage we float you from Phuket to Koh Phi-Phi, to Krabi, introducing you to exciting nightlife and chilled island days like nowhere else on earth.

The sun shines through winter in KwaZulu Natal

If international travel is still not your thing and you would rather stay local then remember you can just as easily escape winter with a fun filled family visit to KwaZulu Natal, where the sun shines all through winter. From vibey Durban with its colourful cultures, Rickshas, beautiful beaches and endless family fun, to the great hotels, beaches and vibrant nightlife all along the North and South Coastal towns. The choices are endless and it’s still warm when our other regions are going into hibernation.

Rennies has savings that will warm any heart!

Anywhere in Southern Africa and around the world, Rennies Travel has years of experience in creating exhilarating, exciting, or simply relaxing vacation experiences for any pocket and every taste no matter what your travel preferences may be. 

Talk to us today about any of the packages shown here or to create a customised vacation package specifically designed to meet your availability and requirements. At any time of the year, we have the best deals available anywhere, so take it from us, now is not the time to be curled up on the couch – it’s the best time to head for the sunshine and save on sensational summer deals!

Thai Island Hopper West
7 Nights
From R14 395
Mykonos & Santorini Island Escape
8 Nights
From R34 989
Greek Island Hopping
Greek Islands
10 Nights
From R32 135