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Head for the European sun these winter holidays

Head for the European sun these winter holidays!

Well, as we all know the kids will be on school holidays soon and if you are feeling like the bite of winter is taking its toll and you want to get far away to exotic foreign lands you can’t do better than a family (or romantic) holiday in exquisite Europe, where the sun will be shining and after the long lockdown, they are just dying to welcome you.

As always Rennies Travel has packages to suit every pocket and with money being tight for many, it’s a good idea to take advantage of these while you can. So, let’s take a look at some of the great European destinations that will stir your senses as you head for the European sun these winter holidays… 

Greek Island Hopping

You’ll be living your best Greek island life as you go island hopping on this sun, sea & culture-rich trip to Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Ios & Athens. Stopping in at each of Greece’s most popular islands, the perfect spot for vibrant, plate breaking party nights and lazy sun-soaked days. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the charming villages, shops, volcanoes and natural coves, enjoy the nightlife and the ancient history – and still treat yourself to some tanning and swimming on glorious sun-soaked beaches! 

Northern Italy – including Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera meets Italy’s beautiful Lake District in this gourmet’s delight encounter with the north and its many treasures. Release your inhibitions as you live the high life on this most epic of Northern Italy trips, filled with tales of pirates and princes and the flavours of prosciutto and Parmigiano. Soak in the sun and bask in the traditions and splendid cultural nuances of this amazing land where the modern and the traditional intertwine to give the traveller a unique and special vacation experience.

Cruise in Switzerland

Embark on a breath-taking cruise in the heart of Switzerland and experience unforgettable moments. Survey snow-capped mountain peaks as you sizzle in the sun on the deck of your luxurious ocean liner. You will travel to the island of Mainau, an island of extreme natural beauty, as well as the Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest and most spectacular waterfall. Then hop aboard the Glacier Express, which will take you through some of the most beautiful regions of the Alps on an unforgettable breath-takingly beautiful scenic train ride.

….or do it all in one!

Our incredible “European Magic” tour rolls it all into one! This gives you a taste of Europe’s highlights if you’re tight on time and want to see it all. Think 8 countries, 9 days and experiencing a handful of Europe’s top hotspots. This is how you tick off Europe’s essential travel destinations without hanging around! Glide through the canals of Venice, and marvel at the iconic Eiffel Tower & Arc de Triomphe lit up by night in gay Paris. Indulge your tasted buds with mouth-watering sausages and steins at a Bavarian beer hall, explore the glory of the Swiss Alps and visit the cute gable houses of Amsterdam – all in just over a week. Now that’s European magic!

Don’t forget about Dad!

If you think you have left it too late to do something extra special for Dad, well you probably haven’t as we have so many great packages and options to choose from. Glorious golfing resorts, beautiful, chilled bush breakaways, extreme sports destinations for the dads who love to feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins, and leisurely, luxurious wine and culinary experiences are all available right on our doorstep – or abroad. 

Talk to Rennies Travel – we are the professionals whose “experience” enhances your vacation experiences every time. So, whether you want to head for the European sun these winter holidays and take advantage of some of the great packages here – or have a vacation customised to your exact requirements and availability – contact us today and you’ll find out that you simply can’t do better than Rennies Travel!

Women Only
Northern Italy Inc Cinque Terre
7 Nights (Women Only)
From R35 000
Greek Island Hopping
Greek Islands
10 Nights
From R32 135
European Magic
8 Nights
From R33 265
Cruise in Switzerland
4 Nights
From €1 225